At SICE SI2023, Professor Nakadai and students presented their research

At SICE SI2023, Mr. Yano, Mr. Kobayashi, and Mr. Asaka each presented posters, and Professor Nakadai gave a keynote speech.

Mr. Yano was a finalist for the “Motohiro Kisoi Rescue Engineering Promotion Award” for the study 1D5-01, “Ground Surface Material Estimation Using Drone Rotor Noise.”
Authors: Yano Tsubasa, Itoyama Katsutoshi, Nishida Kenji, Nakadai Kazuhiro.

Mr. Kobayashi presented study 2B3-08, “Improved 3D spatial recognition based on audible sound-based echolocation with a 5-channel microphone array.”
Authors: Kobayashi Hiroki, Itoyama Katsutoshi, Nishida Kenji, Nakadai Kazuhiro.

Mr. Asaka presented study 3B2-01, “Towards Natural Spoken Dialogue Systems Based on AI Services.”
Authors: Shuhei Asaka, Nishida Kenji, Itoyama Katsutoshi, Nakadai Kazuhiro.

Professor Nakadai delivered the keynote speech “Introduction of a Python Package for Robot Audition Open Source Software HARK and its implementation for embedded use.”
Authors: Nakadai Kazuhiro, Lin Zirui, Itoyama Katsutoshi, Takigahira Masayuki, Terakado Naoya, Gulzar Haris, Busto Monikka Roslianna, Eda Takeharu, Amano Hideharu.


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