To people who are interested in joining our laboratory as students

In this laboratory, we employ wide range of subjects with “Sound” as a keyword, from basic research to applied research, based on several backgrounds such as AI/Machine Learning, Robotics, Signal/Speech Processing. For instance, as deployment of basic technologies including robot audition and scene analysis such as sound source localization, sound source separation, and automatic speech recognition, we apply the basic technologies to many applications in variety of fields such as disaster rescue robot, ethology, human-robot interaction, mobility and ICT. Also, regarding robot audition research, we continuously conduct research and development on an open source software called HARK. Every year, we organize a free tutorial and hackathon as outreach activities when releasing the new version.


For the benefits of joint research laboratory, we have a system that enables students who have been assigned to this laboratory to proceed in their researches not only in this university but also in HRI-JP. HRI-JP is a subsidiary company of Honda, and it is responsible for basic research activities of Honda. To students who are interested in basic research institutes of companies, or who wish to conduct research at companies in the future, it will be a rare and valuable opportunity to learn various things through contact with researchers in HRI-JP. Since we operate our laboratory in cooperation with Imura laboratory and Hayakawa laboratory, you will find many colleagues to study with. We can meet our OB and OG members in joint-lab events such as BBQ and enjoy talking with them. We collaborate with other universities to conduct our research topics more effectively and efficiently, and we usually have a lot of discussions with professors and students there. Thus, one of the strengths of our laboratory is that we can offer opportunities to make connections both vertically and horizontally with people inside and outside of this university. If you are interested in our laboratory and would like to study actively, let’s research together and have some fun. We’ll be waiting for you to join us!

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